Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh My! Two to school!

Gabby's first day back to classes was actually yesterday, so she got pictures taken two mornings in a row.

The gang. Evie is not actually headed off to school, but she insisted on dressing up and getting her backpack ready, as well.

My big kindergartener!

Yes, he picked Sponge Bob.

3rd grader and excited to show her brother the ropes at school.

Evie and I walked Gabby and Ian in to their class (yes, they are both in the same morning class--it is a 3 hour art class for grades K-4) but wasn't really needed, as Gabby showed Ian around the room and where to put his backpack and where to sit. I did manage to get a hug from them both, but they were brief and it was clear I was not needed (a good thing!).

I did tear up a bit in the car, and called Jeff to let him know what a sap I was (as if he needed more evidence!) and then Evie and I headed home. She asked immediately when Gabby and Ian were coming home, and then if she could watch Wall-E. I said, "How about we play a game? I will play Pretty, Pretty Princess with you!" her response? --"No, thanks, I will play that with Gabby." *sigh* I'd better finish up here and get back to Wall-E...I'm feeling the need to be needed --if only as a movie watching partner right now.


StefRobrts said...

Ouch! Well, you want them to be independent, right?

Tamara said...

I know just how you feel with Evie - Ellie didn't want to do anything but go home and watch a Barbie movie followed by playing her Nintendo DS Super Mario Brothers game the first day Taylor went to all-day school - I was so lonely - later she came and said, "Mom can we go on a mommy date to Burger King" - to which I said, "No, honey, because you will just want to go play in the play land and I won't get any TIME with you!!!" SO sad - I know how you feel about needing to be needed... but also how good it feels to know that our kids are confident and sure of themselves. Just checking, but are you home-schooling the kids again this year? Is this a class that compliments your home-schooling?

Mer said...

Love that sponge bob backpack - and that Evie got in on the action too. :)