Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's 'catch-up' time... dad's visit, great wolf, easter, mother's day, steel magnolias, prom

WARNING: this post is filled with many photos and not much cleverness. it is a necessary post, and I am relieved to finally get it posted... if you have been waiting for family updates ~ this is for you! if you have been waiting for the more entertaining antics of my life...well, maybe posting this now will free up that part of my brain that has been frozen for a bit ;)

Dad's visit
My father visited from Arizona for 10 days in February.

hanging with the grandkids
riding the bumper cars with Ian at Seaside
doing their best Clint Eastwood impersonations
one of the many walks they took with grandpa, they so loved having him here ~ and we all agreed that next time everyone needed to come along with him!!

Great Wolf Lodge

me~getting drenched!

our dessert~ a 'campfire' ice cream treat

evie's favorite play area


preparing for the annual Easter morning treasure hunt
Ian finds another clue...

and so does Shell!
dyeing the eggs

egg hunt at our church with friend, Justin

Mother's Day

kiddos made special pictures for me,
and their daddy designed a Tom Petty poster for me that advertised a special show ~ just for me! :) (they got me the Tom Petty collection DVD ~ me likey!)

brunch at Gustav's ~ soooo yummy!
thank you, family, you are the best :)
Steel Magnolias
I got a chance to do this fun show recently.
I played the role of Annelle.


onstage during rehearsal
(hee hee hee ~ not doing what I supposed to be doing)

photo from the show ~ Christmas scene

the Magnolias gather before the show
(I am top, center)
Shell attended prom one more time, because her boyfriend was a Senior this year.

Shell and Nick

whew! any of you that made it this far...thank you :)


Tamara said...

GREAT pictures - your famiy is beautiful. I just happened to be on-line checking e-mail at my sisters when you posted this - glad you got it done! I'm severely behind in my posts too and need to do some catching up!

Lee Ann said...

I did make it all the way through and loved it all! We all need a little "catch-up" now and then just so we feel like we can get going again.

Amy said...

Yay! So glad you updated! Love seeing what's going on in your life. :)

snazzykc said...

Loved the update...I figured that stuff was going on. Summer is so much easier!