Saturday, June 27, 2009

Canning ~ Strawberry Jam and Syrup!

I remember, as a child, helping my mom can peaches one year (or maybe two...) and also doing applesauce a few times, but I had never attempted it myself as an adult.
Today, though, my friend, Amanda (we shall call her 'expert-canner-extraordinaire' for simplicity's sake) came over for 5 hours and we CANNED!!!
We each came away with 18 jars of strawberry (and a strawberry/raspberry mix) jam and 6 jars of strawberry syrup ~ YUM!
Gab and I canning

it's a-cookin'!
Gabby chopping the strawberries into jam-size pieces
Cindy napping strategically in the center of the kitchen. such a help.
This canning thing is seriously addicting. I am so looking forward to blackberry season...and apples...also going to try doing some salsa ~ there's no stopping me now! :)


Lee Ann said...

Oh it is so addicting! I want to try syrup this year too....we'll see. I'm a little bit busy.

But I will for sure make time to do salsa. I'm addicted to it. I only have 5 pints left and I'm starting to panic :-)

Way to go you canner girl you!

Goofy said...

I used to do blackberry jelly. Mmmmm!!!

Hmmm... I wonder... do I still have canning jars...???

snazzykc said...

Domestic goddess extraordinaire!!

Dee said...

It is addicting! Way to go domestic diva! Homemade is a little bit of heaven on earth! and in the winter months too!

rebanerck said...

We made Mulberry jelly last week in Michigan... and three jars didn't set up... I think they just became syrup! I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Thanks for the idea!!!