Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Memories

I have always been a collector. Rocks, sea shells, stickers, marbles, stamps, stuffed animals...oh yes, and bouncy balls.

Why? why bouncy balls? (she shrugs) eh, couldn't tell ya.

I can tell you that that one, tangled, shiny mess of tinsel is actually an authentic "Halley's Comet bouncy ball". oooohhh. now you're impressed.

I say that I have always been a collector, but I should actually say that I am a FORMER collector. No, no 12 steps here. I wish! just a daily reminder to myself that I don't want my family to drown in junk.

I took this photo the day I threw the bouncy ball collection away. No, I wouldn't have thrown them away if they had been in any way salvageable--but, sadly, bouncy balls do not age well.

I attempted to bounce one and it split! a halved bouncy ball lying on the floor in a crumb pool of flaked, brittle rubber pieces...sad. like the packaged toys in Toy Story 2 that never got played with.

anyone else a collector? former collector?


Jennifer P. said...

who knew they wouldn't age well?! I've always wanted to take a box of those and dump them out in an empty hallway somewhere---just to see :)!

Well, glad the collection got a photograph before being sacrificed to the gods of organization and more space :)

Tamara said...

I think I may have collected some things as a kid - but nothing like my girlies - Taylor especially - she has a huge "white rock" collection - spent hours in pre-school picking through the gravel to find the "white ones" which we now have in bags and tin cans all over outside... and both of my girls are stuffed animal addicts - seriously crazy how many they have and they are all SO special to them - I will have huge tubs full of animals when they go off to college!!

Lee Ann said...


As the mother of a major collector, can I send her to you for and intervention in a few years?

Carrie said...

Did you get the Halley's Comet one while we were studying it in Project Promise?? " )

Man, that was the coolest thing EVER! I still think back to all the fun things we got to do!!

Especially since the gifted/talented programs are almost outlawed these days! boooo

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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Dee said...


I collect jars.

I use to collect buttons, Margaret Furlong, bunnies, geese, records. But those collections have faded and been sold or given away except Margaret Furlong stuff, I just don't collect any more of her stuff!

Shannon said...

bouncy balls...hmmm.. there's one I've never heard of. Very funny that they don't age well. I enjoyed spending time with you and chatting at the tea the other day. Wasn't it fabulous! I ate waay too much!

rebanerck said...

I collect friends... I gather them up and then hoard them to myself. sometimes they get rebellious and move off to the Pacific Northwest. I wonder if it is because I am too controlling... Hee Hee I love you! I throw away anything I can get my hands on. Usually my husbands stuff...and my kids stuff. They will have no lasting memories thanks to me.

Angela said...

My ex boyfriend and I used to collect bouncy balls together. We kept them in a clear garbage can with fishies in the bottom. We lived in an apt with a long hallway and hardwood floors, and at night we loved listening to the cat chasing them up and down the hallway. I kept only one which I particularly liked. It has a butterfly inside it. =)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I saw your comment about singing the song Scarlet Ribbons. And I had to come and comment because I ADORE that song and have been singing it to my girls since they were little babies....

Yea for good taste in music!!!