Wednesday, January 7, 2009

failure :)

yay! I failed to post a picture for the day yesterday! why so happy? because I tend to want to be perfect (God has a better idea: leave that to Him...I know, I know...) and post a picture EVERYDAY in had to happen sooner or later--and since it is sooner...I don't have to wait for the later :) makes sense to me-so just go with it, ok?

sorry for the lack of pictures yesterday and today. my internet was down :(

and now that it is up...I used up all my computer time reading all of your wonderful posts over the last two days...and I promised my hubby an evening of vegetation in front of a, I'm outa here :)

not even time to upload a photo--but I'll make it up to you tomorrow, ok?!


dotoner said...

oh dear. This is a problem - have I mentioned that I ONLY am BFFs with perfect people????

StefRobrts said...

It's going to be mighty quiet at your house during the next party if that's your new policy, D!

Good luck on the picture a day. I did that year before last and it was HARD, but it did force me to get out and take lots of pictures, which was fun!

Heather Lough said...

I know so many people posting the pic a day. I knew I could not keep up. I couldn't even make it a month. Like you say, better now then missing a pic on like day 323 of the year.

Shannon said...

That's quite the task you've taken on! I think that would be hard! Good luck...but good job for giving yourself grace!