Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More vacation pics...almost done, I promise!

We went with Rebecca and Eric and the boys to a mini-water park. Our kids absolutely loved it! There was a shallow play area that still had great slides and water sprays that both Ian and Evie could play in, plus some really big slides and even a small 'river' float area for the better swimmers. Of course, Evie was unconvinced that she cannot swim and kept mommy and daddy on our toes all day as she jumped again and again into the deep area. fearless.

ian must have gone down this slide a hundred times that day.

little mermaid princess.

gabby coming out of one of the big slides.

homemade mini-pizzas back at the VanHorn's --yummy!

We were able to see Shell's mom and brother while we were down there, as well. They gave us a tour of Nashville, and even treated us to a horse-drawn carriage ride! and, although there were many carriages toting tourists through the streets, ours was special...we had the only one with a dog riding the horse during the tour.

the whole gang on the carriage

gabby next to the horse (and dog)

closer than you probably want to be to a horse's backside, but had to show you this crazy dog!

gabby, matthew and evie outside a bar. hey, I liked the dancing horse.

and the truly great news is...I'm not kidding, there is only one more post to go of these never ending vacation photos and blogs. But I can't leave it out. It is our tour of the Jack Daniel's distillery. So, until then...


rebanerck said...

ah... summer... is it gone already? I will always love the dog on the horse!!

Daniel said...

I'm with Rebecca...I loved the doggone horse. Get it? Dog on horse....doggone horse? Guess you had to be there. But you were. I was here. Always ... here ...

Dee said...

What a great vacation! I need one!