Thursday, September 25, 2008

Build-A-Dino and a Pirate Invasion!

Ian turned five years old on September 19th, and his big present from mommy and daddy was a trip to Build-A-Bear to construct a special friend. He has talked about building a bear ever since Gabby went to a birthday party there and came home with one over a year ago.

selecting his 'bear'--a dinosaur!

a kiss for the dinosaur's heart.

Daddy was a bit puzzled at Ian's choice of outfit for his dinosaur, but Ian was super pleased that we were able to shove the dino into the costume :)

Ian decided he wanted a Pirate Party this year (of course, this was after deciding on a Star Wars party, and mommy finding some decorations on sale in March, and--silly mommy!--buying them way back then...ah, well, some day he will want a Star Wars party, right?). We kept the guest list small--only boys this time, and only 4 friends--so it was 5 boys total. A very manageable group. ha! well, at least easier than the crew last year!

The boys searched for clues to build their treasure map, walked the plank, crawled through a bat cave, ate (gummy) rats, and, ultimately, found their gold. The cake proved to be quite popular, as well, much to my delight. I spent many hours this year in the creation of a pirate ship cake, complete with blazing cannon balls on the side, when the candles were lit. Well worth it, since Ian declared this his best birthday ever! One that can only be outdone by, perhaps, a Star Wars one next year...?
Ian with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper
at the grand opening of Dave and Stephanie's Sci-Fi Toy Store.


Tamara said...

Oh my - you are truly an inspiration! Amazing cake!

Daniel said...

I know who won the sword fight! The only one with any depth perception. I agree: amazing cake! Love you...

annaliese said...

thank you, tamara! (and dad, too!) :)

and, actually, dad--it was the little one in pink in the middle that won--she's fast!

Dee said...

What a fun party! You are going to have to teach me how to make that cake for Hunter someday!

Dana said...

That was a fun party. I enjoy your family immensely!

And I've decided that you are going to mentor me in the art of being domestic. =)

meleea said...

annaliese - i love your blog! the party looks so great and the cake was pretty cool! so looking forward to getting to know you this year - praying for your upcoming production!