Wednesday, July 2, 2008


One year ago today I began this blog.
and here is the post to commemorate that event.

two reasons for the video: 1) i have never posted a video, so this is something special for my one year post and 2) it is my son with his finger up his nose on a carousel, and that makes me laugh.

this was a video i shot with my phone a couple years back.
we were not able to save the audio when transferring it from phone to computer.


Dana said...

Haha, I love you Annaliese. Congratulations on your "blogiversary!"

Dee said...

Happy anniversary baby--booger style!

annaliese said...

'blogiversary' ! i love it! and yes, some things just have to be celebrated 'booger style' lol!

Heather said...

Happy blogiversary (if I can use the phrase too). Not even sure when mine would be. I know I started after you since you inspired me to start one. I'm sure I'll totally forget and won't post anything and definitely not anything half as special as the booger video to commemorate my blogiversary.

Heather said...

P.S. I really love the two fingers in the nose at the end. Too funny.

annaliese said...

August 20th will be your 'blogiversary', my friend. (I am not that good with remembering, I just went to your blog and peeked at your first entry!)

I'm glad you liked the video! It used to be on my phone and I could play it whenever I needed a good laugh :) the audio was really funny, too. it was me asking him 'where's your finger, Ian?' (meaning, of course, the one up his nose), that's why he looks down and 'finds' his other one and then shoves it up the other nostril! lol