Friday, June 20, 2008

sunshine and a coconut

Weather forcasts in the Pacific Northwest should be taken with a grain of salt. I know that. Everyone who lives here knows that. And yet, as a 'rule-follower' and one who loves to capture information, I am constantly basing my plans on the weather report. Weather man says it is going to be sunny this weekend? Let's go to the coast! Lovely rain at the coast all weekend. Weather man says it is going to be rainy tomorrow? No, we can't go to the zoo. Instead, we sleep in late...too late, before realizing, once again, that weather man was WRONG and a lovely blue, sunny sky is over us. it is over the zoo, too, but it is now too late to pack up and get there before we would have to turn right back around for nap time! sigh.

This weekend (actually in about 15 minutes!) I am headed out for a scrapbooking retreat. My friend, Heather, has done these before and I have wanted to for a while. So, we are both going this time :) Weather man said it was going to rain all weekend. and I was actually not to upset, in a very selfish way--I have to be indoors scrapbooking, so sunny skies would just be a distraction!--sorry to all that are not indoors scrapbooking--actually, no! wait! no apologies needed...because, of course, weather man was got it...WRONG AGAIN !! Not only is it not the raining, it is not even overcast--it is, in fact gorgeous :) and i am actually ok with that, i will probably take a couple more walks than i should while paying to be scrapping, but it's worth it to enjoy this beautiful weather.

The kids are splashing outside in the pool--it's the first day of the season (HELLO SUMMER!) and we are enjoying it as it is meant to be enjoyed: frolicking through water, munching on watermelon and laying in the hammock.

so what's this about a coconut? gab had been begging me to buy one. so i did. daddy cracked it open last night and we all tried the 'milk' and a bit of the 'meat' inside. i did a recipe search and found a no-bake recipe that uses both the coconut flakes and milk. so, as the kids run through the sprinkler outside, i am inside for a moment mixing these little cocoa (and coconut!) gems(I found the recipe at under the label 'boiled no-bake cookies' if you are interested in making them) and, of course, blogging about it all.

So, there's the most random post on here yet! Anyone actually make it all the way through my ramblings? ;)


Daniel said...

Yes, I made it all the way through. But you didn't finish the story... How were the cookies?

the gove family said...

hey! thanks for reading :) they are actually very yummy! still plenty here if you want to stop by for some...;)

Mer said...

You know what is funny? Just last week I heard some children in the grocery store campaigning for their mother to purchase a coconut.

I don't think she relented - but I think she should have... anytime a child wants to try a new (healthful) food, that should be encouraged, right?

annaliese said...

i agree! coconuts, papaya, kiwis, starfruit...those are the ones we have tried so far. i know most people don't consider kiwis all that exotic, but i didn't grow up eating them, so they were new to me, too :)