Friday, March 30, 2012

The Good I've Found (TGIF) : harvesting simplicity

aren't they beautiful?!
Not having 5 acres to care for is so nice. We were never terrific at it, and began to despise the constant maintenance needed. Weekends meant yard work or Even More yard work the next weekend if you slacked.

However, I missed my apple tree and blueberry bushes. The excitement of watching the blossoms turn to fruit entranced me every year. The hope that one day I would actually get to harvest some of it Before the deer ate it made for fun pursuit. (never happened by the way!)

When we planted our small flower bed garden for Valentine's Day, I smiled as the kiddos selected fruit trees and blueberry bushes. And, this week, I triumphantly harvested ripe blueberries!

Five. No, I did not take a photo of only the best. That is all. Five. But they are big and juicy and, from watching Shell's face as she ate them...very Sour! :)

So, we traded 5 acres for 5 blueberries. huh.

Here's TGIF: simplicity. May you be blessed by the little things. And may they be your joy as you remain steadfast in the big things.


Jeff said...

Amen! I love simple! ...and blueberries!

Daniel said...

simple. good. yum.

StefRobrts said...

Seems like a good start. I'm starting to think supporting local farmers markets would be a lot easier than maintaining the acreage!