Monday, June 13, 2011

A Star Tours Smile

Star Tours has been closed for quite a while getting a make-over. In fact, it was closed before we moved here in September, so the re-opening is a pretty big deal to us.

To advertise the newly refurbished adventure, Disney released a commercial featuring Darth Vader.

 Have you seen THIS yet? If not, you must. It is amazing. Seriously, click the link. Go now. I'll wait.

did you do it? really? 'cause if you did, you are laughing, right? (or you were while watching?) and if the answer is no....well, please exit this blog because nothing else here is ever going to be that awesome so you might as well stop looking ;)

And tomorrow, I will post a photo of us at the attraction,  since it is now open ~ we are going to ride!!! (shhh, some of us have already been on it a couple of times...not naming names, but there are some major Disneyland addicts around here...just sayin'...)


StefRobrts said...

LOL - that was so awesome, I can't let Dave see it because his head will explode with pure WANT!!!

Daniel said...

Funny stuff. I wanna go!

rebanerck said...

Can't say I have ever pegged you to be a Disneyland addict. Huh. Learn something new everyday... :-)