Monday, February 1, 2010

Computer Camaraderie

Ian is often asking daddy for help in finding certain LEGO sets or individual pieces. I love the pure delight on his face here as they find exactly what he was wanting. And he's not even getting it--he's just happy knowing it exists! (ok--so he'd probably be happier getting it than not, but he was ok with it when we said not now)

On another note: the title of this post is actually something I crave during the day as the three of them battle over their one computer. You see, Gabby needs it most of the day for her school work, since hers is a computer based CD curriculum. But Ian and Evie have both discovered they love computer games--and once Gabby is done with her school work, she wants to be able to play on non-school sites as well! Soooo...mommy ends up giving up her computer which sometimes creates a WORSE scenario, because now instead of 2 not being able to play--there is only 1 left out :(  and yes. I am aware that there are other things they could be doing. and yes. they ARE doing other things most of the day. BUT. really. computers are a huge part of many of our lives right now. and they will most likely be an ever HUGER part of our children's lives---ALL their lives! so I believe it is better to teach them now how to work on them, it's just the sharing and time management skills that I need to be working more on now :)


Carrie said...

Remember when we were in 6th grade and we went and taught the 1st graders how to use computers?? Did you ever think back then they'd be such a huge part of our lives???

Daniel said...

Who do these young people think they are? When I was their age, we had to play computer games by candlelight!