Friday, October 5, 2007

Well, at least it doesn't strike the same place twice!

Lightening hit a tree in our backyard last night at 6:05pm.

Jeff, Gabby and Ian were at Shell's volleyball game, so it was just Evie and I playing inside, when I realized that it was hailing really hard. I grabbed her and the camera and headed out onto our covered patio to get some shots of the accumulating hail (what can I say? I'm a photo junkie!) and just as I snapped a picture of our hail-covered hammock, there was a super bright flash, loud, LOUD boom and one of our trees exploded. There were tree chunks flying everywhere...and later we realized that some of them came within a couple of feet of where I was standing with Evie.

I was terrified to even go back in the house, I didn't know if I could touch the door knob. The air felt all "fuzzy" is the only way I can descibe it. My ears were not ringing, but Evie was super quiet for about 10 minutes (she seems just fine today, but we are still going to have her hearing checked). Once I worked up the courage to go inside, I discovered that the phone and computer were dead and I had left my cell phone in my car that Jeff drove to the volleyball game! I had his car, but no car seat for Evie--I felt so isolated that I just scooped Evie up and ran to the neighbor's house. I was more afraid of being alone in the house for another 2 hours than of being struck by lightening as we ran, because, afterall, it doesn't strike the same place twice, right?!

Aside from a blown out computer modem (replaced for free today by Qwest) and the neighbors' garage door openers not working, oh yes, and our poor tree....there does not seem to be any real damage. And, as we heard on the news later last night, there were funnel clouds spotted in the area! W feel very fortunate, Evie and I enjoyed an hour of conversation and play with neighbors that we rarely connect with (with the houses so spread out, it can be days between even seeing each other!), and we have quite a story to share :) --Praise God for His hand of protection!


rebanerck said...

OH MY! What a story! I am happy to hear that you are okay! I guess the tree has to go, eh?

Mer said...

I am glad to hear that you two are safe and none the worse the wear for the excitment.

Heather said...

You didn't tell me all that. I didn't know you were in peril and alone with Evie. Glad you're okay.