Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dinosaurs at our house!

The whole gang out dino egg hunting.

Dinosaur excavation site.

Hannah, Gabby and Hannah admire their finds.

Justin watches as Jessica carefully unearths her dino.

Ian prepares to extinguish the "volcano"on his Jurassic cake.

Ian's 4th birthday party was this evening. We invited a few prehistoric guests as well as some of his friend's and we all had a wonderful time...digging for dinosaurs, hunting down a dino nest filled with eggs, making dinosaur magnets and especially, eating volcanic cake! ...and after all that, when we asked Ian what his favorite part of the party was, he said "jumping on the trampoline"...aaaahhh now that's why mommy and daddy stayed up all night planning activities and burying dinosaurs and eggs. :)

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Mer said...

Kids! Looks like they had a ton of fun. And I am sure that as he looks back on this party later he will remember those cool things you did.